Starving Artist by SHANAY

Baby bed banner ^_^

Worked in granny squares

Country blue and royal purple

4.25/G6 Hook

This blanket is composed of 98 squares.

Thanks Lion brand for the fun pattern.Thanks Lily’s Sugar and Cream Yarn.

Size 5 Hook

Project for the day is a quaint simple beret.


Made some Calla Lilies

Royal blue & Royal purple

3.75 Hook

This was my base:


I will get around to it soon

Earl of Lemongrab

I started the Earl last year as a gift but life got busy. Now I have completed him. I am pretty pleased with myself.

COMBO-BREAKER Yarn, hot glue, googly eyes, puff paint, pipe cleaners, key chain hook ^_^

Red Heart yarn: Spring Green, Black, Coffee, Lemon Yellow

Size 5 Hook and size 3.75 hook used

I finally finished this purse. I added some lining and did some light sewing.


  • Warm brown, white, spring green red heat yarn
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Puff Paint
  • Hook size 5

I made one of those fanciful infinity scarves. It’s burnt orange and aran according to Red Heart color guide.

5.5 Hook

Combination of Double Slip Stitches and Double Crochets

Aran & Burnt Orange Red Heart yarn

I was able to make some stuff up with a size 5 hook and some cotton yarn. A phone case for runners. ^_^

I apparently forgot to save the other link for the orange pair of booties. If I find it I will add it. I modified both patterns to my own liking. I hope the baby will love them.

I made hats for the March of Blanketeers. I hope they are enjoyed. ^_^

I got an order that I hope to be able to fill. Tell me what you think?

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